AK Yoga Health


Arran Knight Pilates is pleased to introduce AK Yoga Health - a collaboration with experienced senior Yoga teacher and longtime best friend David Michel.

We have observed few places that offer Yoga students advice about injuries or strength deficits in a way that fits in with their Yoga practice and philosophy. We aim to offer high quality Yoga classes with the option to rehabilitate and strengthen in a Pilates Studio with a parallel exercise philosophy - that bodies need strength, flexibility and release strategies as well as awareness and a developmental approach for optimum health.  

Offering an exceptional level of teaching, David will offer Yin and Yang Yoga - A perfect balance of energy and relaxation. The Yang elements of each practice combine breath, movement and repetition (strengthening, dynamic and invigorating). The Yin elements of each practice compose of long, soft, deep stretches which take us into our joints and connective tissue (passive, relaxed, soothing).

Whether you are new to Yoga or a more experienced practitioner, you are sure to come away from David's class feeling inspired.