We've Got Your Back

Back extension exercises feel great - stretching out desk-weary spines and loosening tense, tight muscles. But there are also some very significant gains to be had from these seemingly simple moves, enabling you to lengthen short muscles and build strength to support the spine. 


Excessive sitting or slouching over a desk can compress and weaken the spine and cause instability in the erector spinae. A stiff or tight mid-back and a pushed-forward head position (looking down at your phone) can be improved with prone back extensions which focus on sequentially extending the back, vertebra by vertebra, while maintaining abdominal support to protect the lower back. 


To try this yourself: 

o Lie on your stomach with legs extended and, palms up, arms reaching down towards the toes. 

o Engage the abdominals, exhale while lifting head and chest off the mat and raising the arms while sliding the shoulder blades down the back. 

o Inhale to release back down onto the mat. 

o Repeat up to 8 times. 

And if you would like to feel a little longer, stronger and leaner all over, do get in touch here.