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A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy exercise

Pilates is an exercise technique developed through the joint lens of sports science and dance method. It aspires for length in a muscle rather than bulk.  Its tools for achieving this goal are correct alignment and considered resistance setting when exercising. 

Practiced regularly it can help you acquire balance, better range of movement, tone and core strength. Pilates was developed in the mid 20th century by Joseph Pilates, a German immigrant who lived in the UK and USA. Since that time it has developed a reputation as the thinking persons exercise practice. Focusing on what you are doing while you are doing it is essential.  Feeling calm and centered as well as strong, flexible and energized is often the result of engaging both body and mind during a workout. A Pilates studio offers a more serene and focused environment than most gyms. Sessions offer the opportunity for mat work and/or equipment work.

Pilates Mat Work

Pilates Mat Work involves building your own programme from a repertoire of 50 easy to learn exercises performed with your body and a mat. Once learned these can be practiced anywhere. Adding small portable props such as small weights, rollers and therabands increases this repertoire. 

Pilates Equipment Work

Pilates Equipment Work opens up the possibility for many more varieties of movement and exercises.  Resistance is added by the use of springs on the highest quality CE registered equipment. This can be linked to the Pilates Mat Work or taught separately. 

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Pilates programs are tailored to the needs of each person and are very adaptable. Regular clients include: 

  • Pre/post natal Mums either restoring their fitness after childbirth or keeping moving during pregnancy in a safe and gentle way.

  • For this reason those who have had long breaks of inactivity and retirees who want to maintain an active lifestyle find Pilates is a manageable yet challenging way to develop or maintain a healthy body.    

  • For busy professionals looking to maximize their exercise time and impact, sports professionals and enthusiasts looking to improve their performance and enjoyment of their sport and people undergoing rehabilitation from injury, Pilates is an approach recommended by doctors and physiotherapists. 

  • Reconnecting with your natural vitality whilst coping with the stresses of modern city living can be pivotal when getting back into exercise again. 

  • For those who haven’t easily engaged in mainstream fitness activity and gyms Pilates offers another route into fitness, health and wellbeing.