Growing up in the 80’s & 90’s my staple diet of choice would have been fish fingers and lemon curd sandwiches! Spending time with my Dad in the 80’s at his Good Food Guide Restaurant in Wales and at home over the years has thankfully broadened and developed my interest in food and approach to cooking. When I began instructing Pilates my dad took an interest in what I was learning and this has continued.  Over the years a lovely exchange has occurred where we have both benefitted from each others areas of knowledge and interest. With Pilates and food both having an impact on energy levels and wellbeing it seems natural and fun to develop a video blog together on my website.  Titled “Feeling Food” it’s a chance to get some great recipes and tips from him. Gold dust! Enjoy!

In the same way that exercise usually leaves us feeling better I think the choosing, preparation, cooking and sharing of food also allows us to be with and celebrate our and others feelings.

I’m not really talking here about when I’m feeling hungry. Then my choice of food is primarily based on what I can prepare quickly to stave my hunger. Instead I’m talking about those times I plan ahead because I want to enjoy the time with family and friends. 

In this series of videos I’m exploring dishes that form the basis of great time together with the people we most care about. I've chosen these dishes because I enjoy the level of preparation and cooking involved. I find it relaxing and calming and energising - a sort of "in the zone" experience.

I’m excited by the quality of ingredients used, the combination of flavours, colour and texture and how it will look on a plate. I’m confident that I have the skills and know the preparation and cooking methods to cook the dishes well. I also know I have bread and cheese if it all goes wrong!

So the primary feelings which connect me to these recipes and dishes include relaxing, excitement, confidence, connection and enjoyment. And love. I put love into most of my meals - I feel it when I’m cooking and its a key ingredient that I believe others can taste just like any flavour!

I hope you enjoy preparing, cooking and sharing these dishes with the people you care about most. I hope you enjoy feeling food!