Arran continually refines his knowledge of Pilates to support our world-leading professional ballet training. He has become an expert in the field and is an enormous asset to our team. He is an exceptional Pilates professional to work with.
— LUKE ABNETT (Chartered Physiotherapist at The Royal Ballet School)
Arran’s knowledge is fantastic and he works really hard to tailor his program to my needs. I get more all-round benefit from an hour of Pilates than from anything else I do.
— JAMES COLLINS (Pure Sports Medicine Client / Equity Analyst / Amateur Cyclist)
Apart from really enjoying my training with Arran he is an excellent teacher with a vast knowledge of Pilates and how to correct any problems or imbalances in the body. I have a lot of confidence in him and always leave the class feeling really good.
— LORENA GAYOSO (Arran Knight Pilates Client / Civil Servant / Mum)
Wear and tear had taken its toll on my joints meaning usual exercises classes don’t work for me. So, I was delighted to find Arran’s studio, as I had almost given up on finding anything suitable. I have found him to be an excellent teacher, and exceptionally observant, patient and most importantly encouraging. In a relevantly short time I have regained strength and confidence when I thought that I would never get it back again. The hour seems to zoom by and I leave the class knowing that I have worked my body, but feeling really energised. I’m very happy to have found such a great teacher.
I look forward to my Pilates class every week. Arran keeps the classes fresh by introducing new exercises and encouraging me to explore what I can do with my body in a safe and supportive way. As a result, I feel that, in my 40s, I have more confidence in my strength, posture and flexibility than ever before.
Arran works every week to keep my Pilates classes varied and progressive. He is great at adapting exercises to suit my body and how I’m feeling on a particular day. If I ever have any aches and niggles he resolves them over the hour and I leave the class feeling a lot better. A great teacher to have found!