The AK team’s knowledge is fantastic and they work really hard to tailor their program to my needs. I get more all-round benefit from an hour of Pilates than from anything else I do.

Arran Knight Pilates is an excellent studio. Their knowledge of the body is exceptional. The team adapts their sessions to each client so that their particular needs are fulfilled. They constantly request feedback on the exercises to keep within clients capabilities but will vary routines to create even more interesting development in the body. I can’t recommend Arran Knight Pilates highly enough.

I suffer from an arthritic knee and shoulder and the team has helped me enormously, they are so encouraging.
— Iain & Hilary

The attention to detail in our class ensures that each of us performs the movements with the right alignment and the correct posture which is key to improvement. In particular I have had real problems with a mobile meniscus in my knee; as a result of focussed exercises this has now improved so much that the Consultant Surgeon has expressed surprise. I leave the weekly class more upright, more mobile and stronger.
— Judith Etherton

Apart from really enjoying my training with Arran he is an excellent teacher with a vast knowledge of Pilates and how to correct any problems or imbalances in the body. I have a lot of confidence in him and always leave the class feeling really good.

I look forward to my Pilates class every week. The classes are kept fresh by introducing new exercises and I’m encouraged to explore what I can do with my body in a safe and supportive way. As a result, I feel that, in my 40s, I have more confidence in my strength, posture and flexibility than ever before.

Arran works every week to keep my Pilates classes varied and progressive. He is great at adapting exercises to suit my body and how I’m feeling on a particular day. If I ever have any aches and niggles he resolves them over the hour and I leave the class feeling a lot better. A great teacher to have found!”

I Initially contacted Arran Knight Pilates through a recommendation from Pure Sports Medicine to help with hip and back tightness, which I’d had since the birth of my daughter and an MS diagnosis. They gave me exercises to keep on top of muscle tightness and within a few weeks my core started to feel stronger and the pain had subsided, which also helped with my mental wellbeing. I now see the team weekly and highly recommend them as very thorough, patient and genuinely keen to help!
— Tracey Cleland
Arran continually refines his knowledge of Pilates to support our world-leading professional ballet training. He has become an expert in the field and is an enormous asset to our team. He is an exceptional Pilates professional to work with.

Wear and tear had taken its toll on my joints meaning usual exercises classes don’t work for me. So, I was delighted to find this studio, as I had almost given up on finding anything suitable. I have found an excellent teacher, who is exceptionally observant, patient and most importantly encouraging. In a relevantly short time I have regained strength and confidence when I thought that I would never get it back again. The hour seems to zoom by and I leave the class knowing that I have worked my body, but feeling really energised. I’m very happy to have found such a great teacher.

The AK Pilates class is both relaxing and challenging. It is a great way to spend a Monday evening and something that I look forward to each week. The class is small and Arran works hard to create a cohesive group through continuity and consistency of group members. This means that the class is non-threatening and I don’t mind asking when I don’t understand something or when I forget how to do something. It also means that Arran is always on hand to help improve the exercise or to stop me doing something wrong. This is something that I didn’t get when I attended larger groups in the past. Arran is very approachable and has a lot of knowledge. This means that he is happy to adapt exercises to an individual’s needs. This is really handy and makes me feel confident that I can work within my own range of movement and I don’t have to keep up with other group members who may be more agile that I am.
— Rita Newland

I started Pilates two years ago with Arran as part of rehabilitation for my lower back issues which had manifested from a decade of sitting at desk all day long. My initial focus was to increase core strength and flexibility with the ultimate goal of leading an active, healthy and crucially pain-free lifestyle. Arran has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals and more importantly, helping me understand my body. He has a genuine and vast interest in his field that, along with making me work hard in our sessions, he helps me to understand what I am doing and why – this means I now have the knowledge to help remedy any ache and pains that I pick up in training myself. His approach is comprehensive yet flexible, whether I am starting to play more golf as we get towards summer or starting a new strength training regime in the gym, he can adjust the program accordingly and know how to better prepare my body. To top it off he is an all-round nice guy and I have no hesitation in recommending his services.
— Charlie Cass