AK Pilates Health



Bespoke instruction to suit your individual needs and to work within your capabilities. This is ideal for injury rehab, sport specific exercise and those keen to develop a program that is specific for their unique body in a way which suits them.



£40 per person

Spend a bit more time with your partner by exercising together whilst working at your own individual ability level. This can be an ideal way of learning to support one another with your physical ailments, help eachother to keep a healthy awareness of your body, and get a good work out in a time effective way.


10 Week Programme

Max. 6 People
£200 per person

This circuit based class keeps the cost low whilst maintaining individual attention with numbers limited to 6 people per class. As such we ask for a 10 week sign up to encourage continuity and a social atmosphere. You'll work around a circuit where each station comprises of three or four well designed exercises which all compliment each other. Capped off with a stretch and a chat at the end. 


AK Yoga Health



Enjoy the bliss of stretching with our expert instruction designed to compliment Pilates. Class numbers are kept low to maintain individual instruction, detail and a friendly and personal atmosphere.

Al Fresco Pilates and Yoga

St Katherine Docks

April - September
£15 per person

Take a break with 45 minutes of sunlit Pilates & Yoga classes overlooking the beautiful St Katherine Docks. Join us for Pilates on Mondays and Yoga on Tuesdays. Mats are provided, simply bring yourself and wear comfortable clothes. 


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